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  • New Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 is a new generation TPMS diagnostic & service tool which features unparalleled sensor coverage and incredibly easy-to-use interface. This ergonomic tool provides you easy and quick access to the faulty TPMS sensor to help you increase customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line.

    139,00 € 165,00 €
  • The EasyDiag from Launch turns an Apple or Android device into a powerful diagnostic scan tool, giving the technician full access to Engine, Transmission, ABS (Brakes), SRS (Seatbelts and Airbag) systems and more. A highly intuitive menu guides technicians through step-by-step procedures for viewing and clearing trouble codes, along with the ability to...

    100,00 €
  • The latest BT-705 Battery Analyzer form Foxwell is dedicatedly developed to test 6V & 12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate,AGM spiral and gel batteries and 12V & 24V starting and charging system.It provides a quick,easy and affordable solution for technicians to check battery health and detect faults of starting and charging system.

    135,00 €
  • The latest BT100 12 Volt Battery Analyzer from Foxwell is dedicatedly developed to test 12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel batteries as a low cost solution. It provides a quick, easy and affordable solution for technicians to check battery health and faults.

    45,99 €
  • Newest TurboGauge IV Auto Computer scan tool digital gauge 4 in 1Can ship from our Australia warehouse, if customers from Australia order it, we can ship it locally with fast delivery and NO TAX.

    62,99 €
  • 7.0-Pin Tubular Lock Picks

    21,99 €
  • Most W204 W207 W212 ESL will damage with EIS. In this case, there are two possible reasons and solution:ESL motor is damaged and need to replace a new motorNEC chip is locked, theoretically it can be unlock, actually it needs to replace new ESL.

    70,00 €
  • Foxwell’s NT1001 is an affordable universal TPMS sensor decoder or activator. It accurately activates and decodes TPMS sensors and displays the data or any faults. It is so easy that training is nearly not necessary as the whole process is displayed on-screen. Even the newest recruited technician can use the NT1001.

    159,00 €
  • Reading & writing data dump from EWS ImmobilizeCan be working with R280 Plus, X-PROG, AK90 & R270 ProgrammerWithout soldering any wires , just on board

    42,99 €
  • QUICKLYNKS BA101 Automotive 12V Vehicle Battery Tester is designed to test the condition of the automotive battery using conductance method. Unlike the conventional method of draining the battery by applying resistance load to it and obtain the result from the meter gauge; this analyzer utilizes a series of pulsed voltage across the battery cells and...

    49,99 €
  • Tubular Pick Tool (3pcs for one)

    22,99 €
  • Tuirel T70 Handheld Digital Laser Distance Meter is an instrument that measure accurate distance from 0.03 ~ 70m with accuracy of ±2mm. It is intended to measure Lengths, widths, Height and Clearances. It has Pythagorean Theorem mode to take measurement in difficult to measure situations.It is hand-held and easy to operate.

    55,00 €
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